Diagnose a Gas Water Heater Not Heating

Posted by on May 20, 2015 in Gas Water Heater Repair Las Vegas, Water Heater Repair Las Vegas

A great majority of the water heaters Water Heater Repair Las Vegas receives repair requests for are gas water heaters. These are certainly the preferred type. Listed here are a number of self diagnostic steps one can check out if the gas water heater is just not heating water in any way.

How to Self Diagnose a Las Vegas Gas Water Heater Repair

This can appear evident, yet verify to assure the gas to the water heater is switched on. Move the gas control knob to PILOT to hinder the burner from igniting while looking within. Take off the metal cover at the lower part of the water heater and take a look to check if the burner and the pilot light are ignited.

If the water heater’s pilot light has gone out, stick to the information on the storage tank to relight it (we have the standard methods to do this outlined below). There exists a chance that the gas inlet valve may be shut to some extent or entirely. If that is the fact, simply turn the handle parallel to the line and ignite the pilot. If the pilot continue to not ignite, then the problem might be with the thermocouple. Many current water heaters possess a glow plug or spark igniter rather then a pilot. Examine the owner’s guide for a reference point.Gas Water Heater Repair Las Vegas

If the burner is not on, replace the cover and make sure that the thermostat is establish around 120 degrees F. If it is not, correct it, run on a hot water faucet in close proximity to the water heater, then wait around a little bit to verify if the water heater burner ignites. If it doesn’t ignite, keep the hot water running and try out decreasing and then increasing the temperature setting on the dial until eventually the burner ignites.

Whenever the burner ignites, replace the cover and switch the thermostat back again to the proper setting. If the burner will not ignite, allow us to take a look at the water heater. The heater’s thermostat could be malfunctioning. A thermostat switch ought to be carried out by us.

Do you smell gas? If a smell a lot like garlic is recognized, switch the gas valve control to the OFF placement. Hang on and determine if the gas odor is gone prior to relighting the pilot. If it does not pass, quickly switch off the gas supply valve, air out the area as best as you can and phone the gas utility company.

Pilot Light Doesn’t Stay Lit

Attempt to relight the water heater initially. In simple terms, move the water heater’s gas valve to the OFF status then to the PILOT status. Push the pilot button down to be able to light it, and then hang on until a status light indicates the dial may be changed from PILOT to ON.

In case the pilot light continues going out, it is also possible the orifices may just be unclean and blocked, which could make the flame too tiny to remain lit. Verify to ensure that there is no evident dirt and debris clogging it.

In cases where everything appears to be clean, the issue may well be with the thermocouple. This is the component that runs from the temperature control right into the flame of a pilot light and facilitates the main burner fire up as soon as the water temperature has moved too low. The pilot light may very well be impacted if the thermocouple is defective or fails to come into contact with the pilot flame. Various home owners may well feel safe changing a thermocouple, but Gas Water Heater Repair Las Vegas would rather you call us to help.

Reduced gas pressure or a not working gas control valve also can trigger a pilot light to go out frequently. Call us if you think that this is the condition.